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We wanted to start an adventure together where we could both use our talents and personalities for something meaningful and fun.  We decided to open our very own art class party business.  With my Bachelor of Arts degree and my mom's hospitality and party planning expertise we have the perfect setup for success in the paint party business!  We both love entertaining and have a background and passion for art and creativity.  

We started Artsy Fartsy back in 2015 traveling to different bar and restaurant establishments in the area.  Our classes started of pretty small and consisted strongly of family and friend's support.  As the years went on our artists' size grew and grew!  We started traveling to bigger venues like wineries and distilleries to accommodate our supporters and their love for painting and fun!  We have a beautiful group of regulars that have been with us from the beginning and have become great friends throughout our journey.  We love to meet new people and show them that they have the ability to create a beautiful work of art with no experience at all!  We are strongly motivated to offer our customers the best painting experience, every time!


Although we love traveling to our much-loved partner venues, we wanted something of our own.  A place where we can customize specifically to our painter's needs and create the ultimate painting environment is our dream!  Our new location at 150 W. Main St., Campbellsport, WI  53090 will do just that!  As a Campbellsport High School Alumni myself, I am extremely excited to make this community our Artsy Fartsy home.  We will continue to focus on supporting our local businesses and community!  We hope you can join us soon!

Please check us out on Facebook for all upcoming events!

~Angel Rettler

- Artsy Fartsy thanks you for supporting your local artists and small businesses! -

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